Solgar Choline/Inositol 250mg (50s)


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Choline 250 mg / Inositol 250 mg Vegetable Capsules contains both Choline and Inositol (commonly known at Vitamin B8) with both playing an important role in several different processes in the body.

Choline is a water-soluble micronutrient which is related to other vitamins such as those in the B Vitamin complex. Similar as to the B Vitamins Choline supports the process of metabolising nutrients such as carbohydrates proteins and fats into energy. Transporting fat both cholesterol and triglycerides from the liver to the cells in the body also requires choline and it is responsible for keeping the liver clear from fat build-up. Choline makes up the structural component of fat and can therefore be found in food sources which naturally contain fats such as liver oily fish legumes and beef.

Inositol also known as Vitamin B8 is a water-soluble structure and it forms a component of every cell membrane in the body. It functions in a similar way to choline. Inositol although technically not an essential B vitamin because it can be synthesised in the body is still a very important nutrient. Food which naturally contain Inositol are citrus fruits lecithin oil seeds whole grains nuts and green leafy vegetables.
Choline (as bitartrate) Inositol Vegetable Capsule Shell (hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose) Anti-caking Agents (silicon dioxide vegetable magnesium stearate).

Gluten Free
Certified gluten free by manufacturer, safe for coeliacs
No animal products of any kind - meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey/bee products, leather, silk

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