About Us

The Haelan Centre first opened in October 1971, the shop was officially acquired by the partnership of Nino Booth and Peter Woodhead. The partners set out to establish a wholefood shop based on the ideas of clean, organic food that is sustainably produced.

The early days were difficult and challenging, as few people understood what was meant by organic wholefoods. Throughout the 1970s the business grew steadily and the first major growth in the market began as other stores began to open around London. In 1981, Nino acquired the sole rights to the business.


From the beginning, Nino saw the potential of the wholefood movement and was convinced that one day such ideas would be accepted widely enough so that the shop would be successful as a High Street store. In 1986 he was able to realise this conviction by the move to our present location in the very heart of Crouch End. Nino was a visionary, a man with a dream that we will all, one day, have a healthy diet. “I believe that the specialist shops of the future will be Junk Food Shops and the supermarkets will stock only healthy foods.” He was one of the few people in the trade to feel no threat from the supermarkets, he actively welcomed them branching out into organics and encroaching on the health food sector. He viewed them as helping him to realise his dream of bringing wholesome food into the mainstream.

In 1989, Nino was able to expand the business by opening The Haelan Clinic, offering the local community easy access to professional alternative and complementary health treatments. The Clinic started with only a couple of practitioners (both of whom are still with us!) and today has expanded to include over 30 practitioners and 20 teachers, offering treatments such as massage, osteopathy, acupuncture & nutritional therapy and classes for yoga, Pilates and Feldenkrais. Check out to find out more.

The Haelan Centre

The Haelan Centre has undergone many transformations over the past half century, with refitting work – both inside and out – being undertaken in 2002, 2011 & 2020. All the earlier work done to the Centre was planned and commissioned by Nino before his death in 2001.  At this time, ownership of the Centre passed down to Nino’s daughter, Amabel, who has since expanded ownership with the help of John & David Krahn.  The three of us carry on Nino’s good work and continue to make improvements so that we may offer a pleasant and comfortable environment for all who come to the Haelan Centre. Check out our About Us page to find out more about our management team.

The Haelan Centre’s online store – Organic To Your Door first launched in 2012 and has now been revamped and relaunched to bring you our full store range delivered to your door (chilled & frozen products limited to local postcodes for now).