Green Credentials

We do not (and will never!) allow any of the following in any of our products:

  • Parabens
  • Artificial Flavourings
  • Artificial Colourings
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • GMOs

We check the ingredients so you don’t have to!

Organic Meat

Our meat is soured from Rhug Estate in Wales. Lord Newborough, the owner of The Rhug Estate, in Corwen, Denbighshire, strives towards a more sustainable future. His vision has seen the conversion of the farm to organic, the addition of a large portfolio of renewable energy projects, and continued support for local Welsh produce.

Organic Fruit & Vegetables

Our fruits and vegetables are sourced from two organically certified wholesalers: 

Langridge Organic  Soil Association Organic Certificate of Registration (Licence number:  G7521) :
Organic Fruit & Vegetable Wholesaler, Langridge Organic Products has its roots in the early 80s at Langridge Farm amidst the rolling hills in the heart of Devon, providing a perfect environment to produce organic food. The soil has been constantly enriched by a sound ecosystem, comprising a long rotation of crops and fertility-building leys. The food from this system is renowned for its superb flavour. Langridge now has growers throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world all working to the original uncompromising standard practised by Bernard Govier, our founder and mentor. Langridge Organic Products Ltd started wholesaling organic vegetables in the early 80s, out of Langridge Farm, to sell its own local organic vegetables and became a stand-alone organic wholesale business in the mid 90s when it was realised that organic farming had really come of age.

Soyfoods (Paul’s) – Soil Association Organic Certificate of Registration (Licence number: P738)
Neither of these suppliers have any food air miles – they do not fly goods, only transport by road and/or boat. We try to stick with the seasons as to what is available, but some products are available all year round due to demand and ease of worldwide shipping.
We have minimally packed fresh produce – the majority is sold loose by weight – this keeps single use plastic to a minimum.

Organic Fresh Bread & Tofu

(bread currently only available in stores)

From Soyfoods (Paul’s) All our products are 100% organic, produced and processed to The Soil Association Organic Standards.  Our tofu is made on a craft scale, without refined gypsum or glucono-delta-lactone.  Grain syrups and fruit juices are the only sweeteners used in our sweet baked goods and we do not use any hydrogenated fats.  All the breads from Paul’s Bakery are salt-free.

Sustainably Sourced Fish

The Fresh Fish Shop – Our fish is mainly sourced from smaller day boats across the South Coast from Sussex all the way through to Cornwall, we also source our white fish and premium smoked haddock from Peterhead in Scotland.

Our Salmon is mainly sourced from Loch Duart who are Freedom Food RSPCA approved. We are currently moving away from plastic as much as we can, continuously finding better eco alternatives.

Lorne Fisheries (Inverawe) – Inverawe Smokehouses deliver the very best Scottish smoked salmon  worldwide with the high service values of a traditional family business.

It had its origins when Robert and Rosie Campbell-Preston started smoking fish in their back garden by the banks of the River Awe more than 35 years ago. Their Scottish smoked fish is now sought after around the world.

Each one of us at Inverawe Smokehouses, has a moral obligation to safeguard each other, our customers and the environment by aspiring to operate a safe, injury free and healthy workplace manufacturing food that is always safe to eat and to minimise our impact on the environment.

Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil

Any products containing palm oil are checked to ensure the oil is sourced sustainably and/or organically; RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification), RA (Rainforest Alliance) and RSB (Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials)

Only Organic Free Range Eggs

From Rookery Farm: For over 130 years the family have farmed a small, 150 acre family-run farm on the coast of West Sussex, and for the last twenty they’ve been working to produce the very best quality organic eggs.  And to get the very best eggs, they believe, the welfare of the chickens has to come first – riddle solved! Certification bodies include: RSPCA, DEFRA & Soil Association.

Plastic Free Options

We stock a wide range of plastic free products – the Just Natural range has recently changed their plastic packaging to a fully compostable material. The majority of our fruits and vegetables are sold loose (by weight) and will be wrapped in biodegradable paper bags. We have the Faith in Nature & Suma Alter/Native ranges of bar soaps that come with zero packaging.

Many of our suppliers offer plastic free products – please look out for the PF – plastic free tag – on the product screen.

Refill Service

In store we offer a refill service for household cleaning products and body care. We are sorry that we cannot offer this as a delivery service but as you need to provide your own containers this is not something we can offer online!

FILL by Planet Minimal – a relatively recent addition to our refill service is FILL: Planet Minimal is on a mission to help address the plastic pollution crisis. We offer zero waste, emissions free delivery for a range of products and brands. Using electric vehicles, we deliver planet friendly cleaning and personal hygiene products in bulk to environmentally conscious hospitality businesses and zero waste shops.
The range includes Laundry Liquid (Neroli), Fabric Softener (Neroli), Washing Up Liquid (Ginger), Laundry Powder (Petitgrain), Dishwasher Powder (Cucumber), Hand Soap (Fig Leaf), Hand ‘GIN’itiser (by 58 Gin – made from waste ethanol), All Purpose Cleaner (Honeysuckle), Bathroom Cleaner (Eucalyptus) and Kitchen Cleaner (Grapefruit).

Ecover – we have offered the Ecover refill service since its inception in 1989. We offer Non Bio Laundry Liquid (Lavender & Sandalwood), Fabric Softener (Apple Blossom & Almond) and Washing Up Liquids (Chamomile & Clementine and Lemon & Aloe).

Faith In Nature Bodycare – the most recent expansion of our refill service. We offer a selection of scents in Shampoo, Conditioner and Bodywash.

In Store

All cardboard packaging we receive in our own deliveries is either collected for recycling or shredded by us for reuse in sending good to you!

Our most recent refurbishments were carried out by our wonderful David who managed to source eco-friendly paint for the walls and ceilings, and also repurposed insulation to minimise our energy use in our Crouch End store and Clinic.