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Frozen Organic Acai Pulp
Organic Acai, Water, Ctiric Acid

Firm hearty and perfect for grilling this is the classic American veggie burger made meatless. With organic bulgur wheat and vegetables this satisfying veggie burger is backyard barbecue-worthy
extured soy protein (hexane free) organic onions (14%) organic soy fibre organic mushrooms (11%) filtered water wheat gluten organic bulgur wheat (5%) organic celery (3%) organic carrots (3%) organic walnuts (tree nuts) organic oats (3%) organic sweet bell peppers (2%) sunflower oil organic sweet rice flour sea salt organic tomato purée organic potatoes spices organic garlic organic sugar apple cider vinegar organic molasses grain vinegar ground mustard seeds natural hickory smoke flavour black pepper clove oil.

72% of the agricultural ingredients are produced in accordance with the rules of organic production under organic certification us-org-050.

This is comfort food Mexican style. Two tortillas made from ground organic corn filled with a blend of cheeses accented by olives and peppers and covered in our tasty traditional enchilada sauce
filtered water organic corn tortillas (organic white corn water lime) organic monterey jack cheese (milk) (12%) cheddar cheese (milk) (12%) organic onions organic tomato purée olives organic sweet rice flour sunflower oil organic green chillies spices organic sweet peppers sea salt organic garlic.

Simple and oh-so-satisfying. An organic tortilla hand-wrapped around organic pinto beans rice veggies and cheese in our mild Mexican-style sauce.
organic pinto beans (31%) filtered water organic cooked brown rice (11%) organic chickpea flour organic tomato purée organic potato starch organic tapioca starch organic onions sunflower oil cheddar cheese (milk) (2%) monterey jack cheese (milk) (2%) organic sweet peppers organic sorghum flour organic sweet rice flour organic sugar sea salt spices organic garlic.

Don’t worry, we’ve got gluten free covered. Tender rice noodles with creamy ricotta are layered with delicious organic vegetables, like spinach, courgettes and carrots
organic rice pasta (24%), organic tomato purée (20%), ricotta cheese (milk) (14%), filtered water, mozzarella cheese (milk) (8%), organic onions (5%), organic courgettes (5%), organic spinach (4%), organic olive oil, organic carrots (2%), basil, italian-style hard cheese (milk), organic butter (milk), sea salt, organic garlic, black pepper, spices.

Organic peas and soft mild Indian-style cheese are tossed in a delicately spiced authentic sauce. Curried chana masala made with organic garbanzo beans and tomatoes and organic basmati rice complete this super-tasty super-sustaining meal.
organic basmati rice (27%) organic onions organic peas (14%) organic chickpeas filtered water paneer cheese (7%) (milk) organic diced tomatoes sunflower oil organic tomato purée organic carrots organic garlic sea salt spices organic cornstarch turmeric paprika.

Broad rice noodles organic house-made tofu julienned carrots green onions broccoli and – our twist – baked cashews instead of the typical peanuts. This is a great-tasting way to try Thai.
organic cooked rice noodles (filtered water organic rice) (44%) organic broccoli (12%) organic cane sugar organic tofu (filtered water organic soybeans magnesium chloride [firming agent]) (7%) filtered water organic carrots (5%) organic green onions (4%) organic tamari (water organic soybeans organic alcohol [to preserve freshness] salt) organic distilled vinegar organic cashews (tree nuts) (2%) sunflower oil organic red onions paprika sea salt tamarind extract organic garlic black pepper.

Organic vegetables in a rich mild curry sauce of coconut organic raisins cashews slivered almonds organic tomatoes and Indian spices. Organic basmati rice and delicately spiced dal (aka comforting lentil stew) on the side.
filtered water organic brown basmati rice (17%) organic onions (12%) organic peas (7%) organic potatoes (7%) organic cauliflower (6%) organic black urad dal* (5%) organic carrots (4%) organic diced tomatoes (3%) organic coconut (3%) organic green sweet peppers (2%) organic cashews (tree nuts) (2%) organic tomato purée sunflower oil organic lemon juice organic mung dal* organic yellow split peas organic green lentils organic garlic organic ginger purée (filtered water organic ginger) sea salt olive oil organic raisins organic green beans spices organic almonds (tree nuts) turmeric organic mustard seeds organic jalapeño peppers organic black pepper.

Organic Broccoli Florets
Organic Broccoli

Organic Green Beans
Organic Green Beans

Place the frozen vegetables in boiling water and bring back to boil. Frozen vegetables do not need to be cooked for as long as fresh since they are par cooked. Drain and season to taste.
Cauliflower* Green beans* carrots * Garden peas (in variable proportions) * = organic

Organic Wok Vegetable Mix. Heat 1 – 2 tablespoons vegetable oil in a frying pan. Put the desired quantity of product in the frying pan and cook at medium heat stirring well.
Broccoli florets* yellow carrots* carrots* green beans* red peppers* onions* (in variable proportions) * = organic


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