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A smooth blend of Apple Blueberry & Banana – Suitable from 6 months
Organic apple (38%)
Organic blueberry (10%)
Organic banana (52%)

A smooth blend of Banana Blueberry and Coconut Milk – Suitable from 6 months
Organic bananas (50%)
Organic coconut milk (15%)
Organic blueberries (10%)
Organic apples (25%)

A smooth blend of Banana Pear & Peach- Suitable from 6 months
Organic bananas (56%)
Organic pear (24%)
Organic peach (20%)

A smooth blend of Mango Apple & Coconut Milk – Suitable from 6 months
Organic mango (25%)
Organic apples (30%)
Organic coconut milk (15%)
Organic banana (30%)

A smooth blend of Pumpkin Apple & Sweetcorn- Suitable from 6 months
Organic pumpkin (31%)
Organic apple (53%)
Organic sweetcorn (16%)

A smooth blend of banana apple & blueberry – Suitable from 6 months
Organic strawberry (25%)
Organic banana (14%)
Organic apple (61%)

This recipe is perfect for introducing your baby to a spectrum of tastes and flavours so they’re ready to eat them as fresh whole finger foods later on. Fruit is naturally high in sugar and so it is important to combine that sweetness with Coconut Water Brown Rice and Quinoa. This retains the intense flavour of the fruit whilst being balanced for your little one.
Organic Banana (28%) Organic Pear (24%) Organic Coconut Water (21%) Organic Blueberry (19%) Organic Brown Rice (5%) Organic Quinoa (3%).

Protein is important to your little one’s nutritional wellbeing. As a result we don’t skimp on the beef in our recipe ensuring it has the same ratio of beef to other ingredients as you would expect at home. This creates great depth of flavour with lots vegetables such as sweet potatoes carrots and onions. Goodness is fundamental to us.
Beef (20%) Tomatoes (20%) Cooked Wholegrain Spelt Pasta (18%) Sweet potato (14%) Vegetable Stock (Water* Leek Parsnip Carrot Mushroom Turmeric Herbs and Spices) (9%) Onions (7%) Carrots (7%) Garlic Tomato puree Basil Rapeseed oil Parmesan Cheese (milk) Rosemary Black pepper Fennel seeds (* non-organic)

This recipe will tickle your little one’s taste buds! We added Butternut Squash for a delightful sweetness carefully balanced by the rounded flavours of carrot and broccoli.
Organic Butternut Squash (55%) Organic Carrot (30%) Organic Broccoli (15%).

We could have packed this with loads of sweet vegetables but we wanted to have a few SKUs that champion slightly bitter notes. So in this you’ll find earthy flavours such as Swede Courgette and Kale widening the spectrum of tastes you are introducing your baby to.
Organic Brown Rice (28%) Organic Swede (21%) Organic Cooked Butter Beans 20% Organic Courgette (15%) Organic Kale (7%) Organic Onion (6%) Organic Rapeseed Oil Organic Garlic Organic Parsley

Our Keralan Curry combines classic South Indian spices with our house blend masala and homemade coconut milk. This recipe is mild yet still layered enough to intrigue young taste buds.
Organic Pumpkin (22%) Organic Cooked Chickpeas (19%) Organic Tomato Passata (17%) Organic Cooked Brown Rice (15%) Organic Coconut Milk (Water Coconut Cream) (12%) Water (8%) Organic Onion (6%)


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