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Sumac Spice is made when deep red Sumac Berries are dried and ground into a coarse powder. It is a versatile spice with a wonderfully tangy lemon flavour – but more balanced and less tart than lemon juice.

Sumac berries grow wild in parts of Turkey and the Middle East – the ground spice is popular in Lebanese Syrian Turkish and Iranian cuisines. Sumac is great sprinkled on kebabs rubbed into meats for grilling and is a delicious topping for salads.
Sumac granules

A rich blend of oat-free flakes succulent fruits and exotic nuts. We’ve blended gluten free wholegrain rice millet and soya flakes with dates apricots raisins brazil nuts and hazelnuts to create the ultimate muesli. With 46% of fruits seeds and nuts this muesli provides a luxurious and nutritionally balanced breakfast and anytime snack.
Wholegrain Rice Flakes (24.5%) Soya Flakes (20.5%) Sultanas (16.5%) Flame Raisins (13%) Wholegrain Millet Flakes (8%) Chopped Dates (6.5%) Sunflower Seeds (4%) Chopped Apricots (4%) Chopped Brazil Nuts (2%) Roasted Chopped Hazelnuts (1%)

A creamy oat-free blend of rice millet buckwheat flakes and linseeds

Indulge yourself with a warming bowl of our luxurious gluten free porridge. It’s delicious sustainable and different. Different because it’s a porridge without any oats! You’ll be comforted to know that we have chosen a selection of super flakes and seeds to create this recipe. Gluten free whole- grain rice flakes millet fakes and buckwheat flakes combined with linseeds in just the right amounts to create a nutritionally balanced high-fibre luxurious breakfast and anytime snack.
Wholegrain Rice Flakes (60%) Wholegrain Millet Flakes (23%) Linseeds (9%) Wholegrain Buckwheat Flakes (8%)

A super-mix of crunchy gluten free cereals puffed quinoa red berries & seeds.
Soya Flakes (21%) Sultanas (19%) Rice Flakes (13%) Sunflower Seeds (13%) Linseeds (10%) Raw Buckwheat (10%) Puffed Millet (5%) Pumpkin Seeds (2.5%) Puffed Quinoa (2.5%) Goji Berries (2%) Cranberries (2%)

It’s a rare occasion to see so many celebrities of the superfoods world gathered together in one delicious sprinkle. Linseeds are well known for their high content of the omega-3 fatty acid ALA, which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholestrol levels. They are also a great source of dietary fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants called lignans, all bio-available only from milled seeds.
100% organically grown ingredients:Milled Linseeds (82.2%), Cocoa Powder (4.3%), Chia Seeds (4.3%), Maca Powder (3.5%), Camu Camu Powder (2%), Lucuma Powder (2%), Acai Powder (1.7%)

Seeds are the most wholesome part of a plant, packed with nutrition and vitality. We mixed linseeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and milled them to improve bio-availability of nutrients.
All organic: Milled Linseeds (70.4%), Milled Sunflower Seeds (19.7%), Milled Pumpkin Seeds (9.9%)

A classic down to earth blend of wholegrains fruits and seeds. Life is busy. We’ve blended the best organic ingredients to provide a balanced and nutritious breakfast to start your day everyday. This high-fibre wheat-free recipe is naturally sweetened with fruit. It does not contain any refined sugar or added salt.
All organic: Oat Flakes (28%) Barley Flakes (24%) Sultanas (21%) Rye Flakes (11%) Sunflower Seeds (7%) Linseeds (4%) Apricots Chopped (2%) Sesame seeds (2%) Pumpkin Seeds (1%)

Seeds are the most wholesome part of a plant, packed with nutrition and vitality. Linseeds are well known for their high content of the omega-3 fatty acid ALA, which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.
Organic Raw Milled Linseeds

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

With Amaizin Coconut Whipping Cream you have a delicious vegan whipped cream in no time. Keep the can in the fridge overnight, pour it into a bowl and beat! The coconut cream creates the perfect finishing touch on cakes and desserts
Coconut* (85%), water. * from Organic farming

A seasoned tomato salsa with the sweet character of paprika.
Tomato concentrate* vinegar* onions* corn syrup* red paprika* green paprika* rice starch* sea salt tamari* (soy* sea salt)* corn flour* yeast* citric acid cayenne pepper* indian curry powder* (contains mustard*) corn maltodextrin* herbs and spices* (may contain celery)
* from Organic farming

Bring on the heat with our Taco Sauce Hot. Made with organic tomatoes, red paprika and jalapeno peppers.
Tomato*, tomato paste*, water, onion*, jalapeño*, red pepper*, vinegar*, corn starch*.* from Organic Farming


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