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This strong Peruvian coffee is the luxurious way to wake yourself up in the morning. The strength of the beans is complemented by a complex taste that will start your day off with a smile. Roasted with love and care these beans emanate a rich strong taste with overtones of dark chocolate. All of this comes from 100% organic Arabica beans with no artificial flavourings or colours.
100% organic Arabica beans

With our premium decaffeinated instant we’ve cut the caffeine without any compromise on taste. Made from 100% organic Arabica beans gently decaffeinated our coffee is roasted for a medium-bodied slightly nutty flavour that you’ll enjoy all day long. Organic coffee can generate a premium price for our grower partners. The quality is always outstanding so with this crop everyone’s a winner – you the farmer and the environment.
100% Fairtrade freeze-dried coffee

100% Organic Cafédirect instant coffee is full of flavour whilst being extremely smooth to the taste. As it is grown organically at a natural pace it takes longer to ripen giving it a fuller richer taste.
From Cooperative: Kagera in Tanzania.

A wonderfully smooth yet dark coffee grown at high altitude above Mexico’s colourful and vibrant southern states of Chiapas and Oaxaca.
Organic, Fairtrade Bourbon, Typica, Caturra varieties. Roasted & Ground.

Brimming with cinnamon ginger cardamom and cloves this adventurous blend is our caffeine-free interpretation of chai the piquant Indian brew traditionally made with black tea. Try it with milk and sugar for a true chai experience.
Cinnamon roasted chicory roasted carob natural spice and vanilla flavors with other natural flavors ginger cardamom black pepper cloves and nutmeg.

This most beloved of herbal teas gets its comforting aroma and perfectly balanced flavor from a blend of soothing herbs including delicate chamomile cool spearmint and fresh lemongrass. Wind down your day with Sleepytime® tea!

Sleepytime is the original bedtime tea. More than 40 years ago we created a truly soothing herbal tea to help folks wind down the day. Today our calming Sleepytime blend of botanicals is available in herbal decaf green and wellness teas so you can always find the perfect cup for your bedtime routine.
Chamomile spearmint lemongrass tilia flowers blackberry leaves orange blossoms hawthorn and rosebuds.

This blend begins with eleuthero (Siberian ginseng) an ancient herb believed to impart a sense of calm. We’ve added peppermint ginger and lemongrass to create an uplifting and balanced tea.
Eleuthero peppermint cinnamon ginger chamomile lemongrass licorice catnip tilia flowers natural lemon flavour with other natural flavours hops and vitamins B6 and B12.

A lively inviting blend with an enchanting aroma. Sweet cinnamon pairs perfectly with spicy cardamom for an exotic escape with each sip
Organic cinnamon and organic cardamom

Rooted in taste and fragrance – lively ginger gives this blend a spicy kick while golden turmeric brings a grounding balance of warmth and a rich aroma.
Organic ginger organic cinnamon and organic turmeric.

This blend combines the tart and juicy flavor of mandarin oranges with aromatic spices like cloves and coriander. A bright lively brew that transports tea drinkers to exotic destinations with every sip.
Orange peel (21%) hibiscus roasted chicory rosehips spices (cinnamon cloves and coriander) (8%) blackberry leaves chamomile hawthorn and natural mandarin orange flavour with other natural flavours (3%)

This relaxing herbal tea starts with our time-honored Sleepytime® blend of chamomile spearmint and other soothing herbs. We then add valerian long trusted as a natural sleep aid for an especially calming cup
Chamomile tilia flowers valerian spearmint lemongrass and hawthorn.

Organic raw cacao powder. Single origin Nacional Arriba variety. Additional flavours from natural cinnamon spice. Contains cocoa solids 85% minimum
organic raw cacao & cinnamon


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