Natural Tooth Powder- Peppermint & Activated Charcoal (100g)


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Tooth powders have been around a lot longer than toothpaste. Many ancient cultures used to cleanse their teeth by chewing on chalk and clays as a natural and effective method for oral health care. Our unique blends work in a synergistic manner to provide an efficient formula for natural oral health.

Made with our Pure Ecocert Clays and Salts that will boost you with beneficial minerals such as calcium silica magnesium manganese and more. The Natural Tooth powder will improve your dental hygiene regulate vital pH level and help to re-mineralize enamel. It has natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties and is effective against the formation of tartar and plaques

Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, Beige Montmorillonite clay, Kaolin clay,  Activated charcoal food grade, Peppermint oil *Xylitol, Himalayan rock salt  * Organic

No Gluten
No gluten-containing ingredients, but not certified gluten free so may contain traces
Certified organic by manufacturer
Plastic Free
Product and packaging free from all plastics
No animal products of any kind - meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey/bee products, leather, silk

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