Holle Goat’s Milk Formula 1 (400g)


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This unique goats milk based baby milk is suitable from birth and is certified organic. Should a child have an allergic reaction to cow”s milk he or she may be able to tolerate goat”s milk as an alternative. Goat”s milk can however also cause allergies since some of the protein structures contained in cow”s and goat”s milk are the same.
FULL CREAM GOAT”S MILK POWDER*1(38.6 %) maltodextrin* LACTOSE* vegetable oils* (sunflower- and rape-seed oil1) L-choline calcium hydroxide micro algae oil2 L-cystine calcium carbonate magnesium chloride vitamin C L-tryptophan L-tyrosin sodium citrate sodium chloride iron lactate inositol vitamin E zinc sulphate L-c arnitine niacin panthotenic acid copper sulphate vitamin A vitamin B1 vitamin B6 folic acid vitamin B2 manganese sulphate potassium iodide vitamin K sodium selenite vitamin D3 biotin vitamin B12*
*from organic farming
1100g of infant formula powder are made from 285ml full cream milk
2contains DHA (as required by the legislation for all infant formula)

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