Impulse Foods Organic Tempeh – Seaweed (200g)


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Impulse Tempeh with added Japanese arame and hijiki sea vegetables soaked in zesty lemon juice and tangy tamari. Tempeh is a traditional fermented food originally from Indonesia that is packed with powerful plant protein and a great source of vitamins (particularly riboflavin) and dietary fibre. It is also low in fat and salt and free from refined sugar. Tempeh is made with a living culture (rhizopus oligosporus) that breaks down the soybeans making it easier for us to digest them and to benefit from all the nutrients like calcium and zinc that are normally locked away inside. It also tastes great with a unique nutty savoury flavour that works well in all kinds of dishes and with all kinds of flavours sauces and marinades. And it is incredibly versatile and can be cubed sliced crumbled grilled fried steamed boiled or baked!
Organic soya beans arame and hijike sea vegetables organic tamari organic lemon juice rhizopus oligosporus culture

No Gluten
No gluten-containing ingredients, but not certified gluten free so may contain traces
Certified organic by manufacturer
No animal products of any kind - meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey/bee products, leather, silk

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