Natures Own Vitamins & Minerals (100s)


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Nature`s Own Multivitamin and Mineral supplement has been their best-selling multi formula for many years. Based on providing 50% of the established RDA for all the main nutrients it is an effective supplement for all ages.
Beta Carotene 2.4mg Vitamin D 2.5ug Vitamin E 5.0mg Vitamin C 40.00mg Thiamin 0.70mg riboflavin 0.80mg Niacin 9.00mg Vitamin B6 1.00mg Folic Acid 100.00ug Vitamin B12 0.50ug Biotin 0.076mg Pantothenic Acid 3.00mg Vitamin K 20.0ug Iron 2.5mg Zinc 2.5mg Iodine 75.0ug Copper 0.25mg Manganese 0.25mg Selenium 50.00ug Chromium 25.00ug Boron 0.50mg Choline 2.5mg Inositol 2.5mg Molybdenum 5.0ug PABA 2.5mg.

No meat or fish, may contain eggs or dairy

Please note that the information represented by these tags and ingredients has been taken from the manufacturer of the product and may be subject to change due to alterations of ingredients. Any customer with allergies, dietary preferences or sensitivities should carefully read the label of the product before consuming.