Natures Plus Source of Life Animal Parade Multivit Chew (120s)


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Children’s Chewable Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Food Supplement With Vitamin D3 Vitamin K2 and Gold Standard Whole Foods. Assorted flavours
Xylitol Gold Standard Whole Food Blend (acerola extract apple fruit broccoli sprout cauliflower sprout collard cordyceps mushroom mycelia kale kale sprout maitake mushroom mycelia parsley beet juice carrot spirulina shiitake mushroom mycelia spinach tomato juice bilberry blueberry chlorella) natural flavours (orange raspberry cherry grape) ascorbic acid calcium (as aqueous-blended calcium carbonate and hydrolyzed rice protein; tri-calcium phosphate citrate) citric acid binding agent (guar gum) d-alpha tocopheryl acetate pineapple fruit lubricant (stearic acid magnesium stearate) niacinamide kelp calcium pantothenate magnesium (as aqueous-blended magnesium oxide and hydrolyzed rice protein citrate) natural colour (beet annatto curcumin) biotin beet (beetroot red) rose hips brown rice broccoli spinach mango fruit carrot iron (as ferrous fumarate) sunflower flax spirulina Enzyme-Rich Whole Food Blend non-GMO maltodextrin sodium ascorbate riboflavin thiamin hydrochloride menaquinone potassium citrate manganese gluconate/citrate lutein beta carotene zinc oxide/citrate pyridoxine hydrochloride chromium picolinate L. acidophilus L. plantarum Streptococcus thermophilus lemon peel potassium iodide sodium selenite cholecalciferol calcium-L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate methylcobalamin anti-caking agent (silica).

Gluten Free
Certified gluten free by manufacturer, safe for coeliacs

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