Norfolk Punch Herbal Drink (700ml)


Norfolk Punch is a healthy non-alcoholic herbal drink first made by the Benedictine Monks of Welle Manor in the Fenlands of Western Norfolk at least 700 years ago who believed Norfolk Punch was “nature’s answer to tenseness tiredness and lowness of spirits”
Water Molasses Sugar Honey Lemon Juice Herbs Berries & Spices (Alder Alehoof Angelica Bay Camomile Caraway Cinnamon Clove Daisy Dandelion Dock Elderberry Elderflower Fennel Feverfew Ginger Grapeskin Hops Lemon Balm Lime Flower Lime Leaf Liquorice Meadowsweet Nutmeg Peppermint Poppy Rosemary Samphire Thyme Vervain).

No Gluten
No gluten-containing ingredients, but not certified gluten free so may contain traces

Please note that the information represented by these tags and ingredients has been taken from the manufacturer of the product and may be subject to change due to alterations of ingredients. Any customer with allergies, dietary preferences or sensitivities should carefully read the label of the product before consuming.

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